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Technologie et science

The Science of Santa

If Santa really delivered presents on Christmas Eve, he’d need to fly over a thousand times faster than the world’s fastest jet fighter to visit about 240 million homes.

mercredi 7 déc. Il y a 2 mois
The Science of Santa
5 min

Unfortunately, racing through the air at those blistering speeds would vaporize the reindeer, as they heat up the way a spacecraft does when it re-enters the atmosphere.

Meanwhile, a tremendous force - tens of thousands of times stronger than gravity - would pin Santa to the sleigh and smash him to jelly.


• Worldwide

• Reindeer

• Mid-sized

• Weigh

• Whopping

• Hurdle

• Deafening

• Bystanders

• Blistering

• Jerky

• Smashing

• Gloom

• Ordeal

• Boneless

• Munch

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