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How AI can pick out the perfect gift for you

Artificial intelligence can be used for a lot of things. But this time around, A.I. is revolutionizing holiday shopping by helping you narrow down choices or pick out gifts for the people you love during the holiday season.

lundi 27 nov., Il y a 2 semaines
 7 min

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The video discusses the impact of artificial intelligence (A.I.) on holiday shopping. AI is now integrated into online platforms like Amazon, B.J.'s, and Google, enhancing the shopping experience by providing product reviews, inventory information, and AI-based search features. Malls are also incorporating AI to help customers find suitable gifts and navigate the shopping process. Holiday-ai, a shopping aid, utilizes AI to recommend gifts based on user preferences. According to Salesforce, AI is expected to influence $194 billion in global online holiday sales. The video emphasizes that while AI in shopping is not entirely new, its recent rapid rise prompts concerns about privacy safeguards. The rise of AI introduces a new shopping app, Yaysay, which operates like a dating app, offering discounts on luxury brands with personalized suggestions. The video concludes by highlighting the challenge for consumers to navigate AI safely and select personalized gifts for the holidays.

• Artificial intelligence (AI): Technology that enables machines to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence.
• Inventory: A list of goods and materials held available in stock.
• Pricing: The act of setting a price for a product or service.
• Conversation: An informal exchange of ideas or information.

Source: TODAY

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