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Will AI Take Our Jobs ?

Nearly half of Australian workers are worried Artificial Intelligence will replace them.

jeudi 15 juin, Il y a 6 mois
 5 min

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The video discusses concerns about Artificial Intelligence (AI) replacing jobs and explores the potential impact of AI on different industries. It mentions that nearly half of Australian workers are worried about AI taking over their jobs. The text presents various perspectives, with some people believing that AI will lead to job loss, particularly in fields like medicine and grocery services.

However, others argue that AI will enhance jobs rather than replace them, and new jobs will be created in the process. The video references historical technological revolutions, such as the Industrial Revolution and the Digital Revolution, to illustrate the transformative nature of technology and its impact on jobs. It also highlights the limitations of AI, stating that there are still jobs requiring problem-solving in unpredictable environments and interpersonal skills that AI cannot currently perform.


• Typist
Someone who types written material, often using a typewriter.

• Tradies
Informal term for tradespeople, skilled workers in manual or practical jobs.

• To Take Over
To get control of something.

• Reliance
The state of depending on or trusting in something or someone.

• Convenient
Suitable for your purposes and needs and causing the least difficulty.

Not interesting or exciting in any way.

• Grit
Bravery and strength of character.

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