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Vivatech: Europe's Largest Tech Conference

Discover Vivatech, the European's largest tech conference that takes place in Paris.

mercredi 14 juin, Il y a 6 mois
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The Vivatech conference, the largest tech event in Europe, occured in Paris. Thousands of business leaders, investors, and startups have gathered to exchange ideas and showcase the latest innovations. The event is a mix of in-person and online participation, with around 2,000 exhibitors presenting their technologies.

The atmosphere is vibrant, and the main themes include metaverse, deep tech, fintech, and the future of mobility. Various companies from different countries, including Israel and India, are participating and showcasing their advancements. However, French President Emmanuel Macron is unable to attend this year due to his commitments and the geopolitical situation. The conference emphasizes European tech but also welcomes international participation.

Overall, Vivatech serves as a platform for open innovation, bringing together big corporations and startups to collaborate and explore opportunities.


• Exhibitors
People or companies who showcase their products or services at an event or exhibition.

• Startups
Newly established companies or businesses, typically with innovative ideas or products.

• Normalcy
The state of being normal or returning to a usual or expected condition.

• Deep tech
Advanced technologies based on scientific breakthroughs or complex engineering that have the potential to create significant impact.

• Fintech
A portmanteau of "financial technology," referring to innovative technologies used in the financial services industry.

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