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AI Creates A Robot That Walks On Flat Surfaces!

Meet this new AI able to design a robot capable of walking on a flat surface.

mardi 17 oct., Il y a 2 mois
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Researchers from Northwestern University in the US have used AI to design a robot capable of walking on a flat surface. It took three attempts but eventually they came up with this design: a weird looking thing made from silicon that when pumped with air, mimics walking.
To test the new AI, the researchers gave the system a simple prompt: Design a robot that can walk across a flat surface. While it took Nature a very long time to create the first animals that could walk, this new program did it very quickly. It made a robot that can walk in just a few seconds.
Eventually, the simulated robot could bounce in place, then hop forward and then shuffle. Finally, after just nine tries,It created a robot that could walk a distance equal to half of its own body length in one second, which is about half as fast as a regular person's step.

• Walk : Move on your feet from one place to another.
• Flat : Smooth and level, not bumpy.
• Quick : Fast and not slow.
• Half : One of two equal parts.
• Prompt : To give a quick instruction or request to do something.
• Hop : To move by jumping with one foot.
• Bounce : To spring back quickly after hitting a surface.

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