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Robot Guide Dog Spot

Researchers are training a robot named Spot, initially designed for industry, to assist blind people in their everyday life.

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In University of Southern Queensland, Australia, researchers are training a unique guide dog—Spot, a robot originally designed for the oil and gas industry. Spot is being adapted to assist blind people. Although he walks straight, his turning movements are jerky. Despite this setback, some believe robotic assistance could revolutionize accessibility for those who can't handle a live animal due to allergies or expense. While training a canine guide dog costs around $50,000, reprogramming Spot is significantly cheaper. However, experts suggest it will take 15 to 20 years before a robot like Spot can effectively serve as a guide dog. The general consensus remains that real dogs will continue to surpass robotic counterparts due to their companionship and intuitive understanding. Santiago, a guide dog user, along with his dog Trey, believe in the irreplaceable role of real dogs, acknowledging the novelty of Spot but affirming that dogs like Trey will remain superior.


• Researchers: people who study and investigate to discover new facts or test new ideas.

• Average: something that is typical, usual, or normal.

• Pooch: an informal term for a dog.

• People with impared vision: blind people.

• Straight: continuing in one direction without turning or curving.

• Jerky: having sudden, quick, or uneven movements.

• Kinks: small issues or problems that need to be worked out or resolved.

• Look after: to take care of or be responsible for someone or something.

• Game changer: something that has a major impact on a situation.

• Cheaper: costing less money compared to other similar things.

• Long road ahead : it is going to take some times to reach the objective.

• Reckon: to think or suppose based on opinion or belief.

• Companionship: The feeling or relationship of having a friend or companion, especially sharing experiences or activities together.

Source: Behind the News YouTube channel.

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