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Why Rabbits Have Invaded One Neighborhood

Dozens of rabbits are invading one neighborhood in Florida.

mardi 18 juil., Il y a 5 mois
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A neighborhood in Florida is experiencing an invasion of rabbits. Around 60 to 100 rabbits, a breed called lion heads, have taken over yards in a Fort Lauderdale community. The invasion started when a former neighbor left her unspayed and unneutered rabbits behind, leading to their rapid multiplication. The rabbits have become a nuisance for residents, with one neighbor having to cover up holes and chase them out of his backyard daily. The lion head rabbits are not suited for the Florida heat, as their thick fur makes them susceptible to heat strokes when temperatures exceed 85 degrees. Additionally, there are predators in the area that pose a threat to the rabbits' lives, resulting in the discovery of dead rabbits throughout the neighborhood. To address the situation, neighbors are raising funds to rescue and re-home the rabbits, aiming to find them new families.


• To Neuter
To remove part of an animal's sexual organs.

• Re-homed
To find a new home or owner for someone or something.

• Furry
Furry things are made from a soft material that looks like fur.

• Yard
A piece of land next to a house, usually used for growing flowers, grass, and other plants.

• To Spay
To remove the ovaries of a female animal.

• Unbearable
Too painful or unpleasant for you to continue to experience.

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