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Polar bears in Churchill, Canada.

Polar bear migration in Churchill, Canada, draws tourists, but climate change-induced habitat loss leads to bears venturing into town, posing risks managed by conservationists like Sergeant Ian Van Nest.

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The town of Churchill, Canada, attracts tourists due to its polar bears' migration toward Hudson Bay's sea ice. The bears, affected by climate change and lack of sea ice, increasingly venture into town, posing risks to locals. Conservationists like Sergeant Ian Van Nest manage bear sightings, employing tactics to redirect bears away from populated areas. The declining bear population and prolonged fasting due to delayed sea ice formation threaten the bears' survival. Polar Bear International's Jeff York emphasizes the impact of climate change on the bears' natural habitat. Government officials note a substantial increase in bear sightings within the town, signaling the urgency of the situation.


• To draw to: Attract or bring in the direction of.
• Tundra: A very cold, treeless area with frozen ground found in the Arctic regions.
• Trek: A long journey, especially one on foot.
• Seals: Aquatic mammals with fat bodies, often found in cold waters.
• To be spotted: To be seen or noticed.
• Tracks: Footprints or marks left by someone or something on a surface.
• Subadult: A young animal that is not fully matured but is older than a juvenile.
• Juvenile: A young animal or person that is not yet fully grown or developed.
• Haze them to the west: Encourage or guide them in the westward direction.
• Shotgun blanks: Empty shells fired from a shotgun to make a loud noise but without any pellets.
• To steer: To direct or guide something in a particular direction.
• A lack of: Not having enough or the absence of something.
• Fasting: not eating any food for a period of time.
• Cub: baby bear.

Source: NBC News Youtube channel.

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