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COP28: what is it all about?

COP28, the 28th Conference of the Parties, is in session as global leaders tackle climate change and assess their progress. The ongoing COP28 summit sees over 100 countries discussing renewable energy and addressing the urgent challenges.

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The COP28, or Conference of the Parties, is underway, marking the 28th annual meeting of world leaders to discuss climate change. Unfortunately, the Earth is not winning in the battle against climate change, as this year saw a 1.3-degree increase in temperature due to fossil fuel burning. Predicted to be the hottest on record, the summit addresses issues like fossil fuels, renewable energy, and a global stocktake to evaluate leaders' progress on agreed targets. Notably, a fund has been established to aid countries grappling with climate change-induced loss and damage. Over 100 countries, including Australia, pledged to triple global renewable energy by 2030. While there is some positive news, the video emphasizes the need for global commitment to ensure a healthier planet.


• COP28: Conference of the Parties.

• Fossil fuels: Natural fuels like coal or gas formed in the geological past.

• Renewable energy: Energy from sources that are naturally replenished.

• Global stocktake: Assessment of global progress toward climate targets.

Source: Behind the News Youtube channel.

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