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Prince William at the Earthshot Prize Award Ceremony in Singapore

The Earthshot Prize Award Ceremony in Singapore rewards environmental innovation globally, with five winners each receiving £1 million. This event has a very important cheerleader: Prince William.

lundi 13 nov., Il y a 1 mois
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The Earthshot Prize Award Ceremony, held in Singapore, aims to reward innovative environmental ideas addressing climate change. Prince William's Earthshot vision supports projects globally, with five winners receiving £1 million each. Past winners praise Prince William's endorsement as a significant boost for their initiatives. This year's diverse nominations include a tree preservation project in Sierra Leone, sustainable dyes for the fashion industry, and forest protection in the Andes. The narrator expresses pride in the Earthshot team's progress over three years, emphasizing the goal of impactful change. Support for the winners is crucial over the next decade to amplify their positive contributions.


• Steamy-hot day: a day characterized by high temperature and humidity.

• To tackle: to confront a problem directly and with determination.

• Tricky: difficult or challenging, often requiring careful consideration and problem-solving.

• Cheerleader: someone who enthusiastically supports and encourages a person, team, or idea.

• Forward: it means to promote or advance the progress of something.

• Sustainable: capable of being maintained or continued over the long term without causing harm to the environment or depleting natural resources.

• Dyes (noun): substances used to change the colors of materials like fabric or clothing.

• Seed (noun): figuratively, it can refer to the initial idea or concept from which something grows.

• Forefront: the leading or most advanced position in a particular field or activity.

Source: BBC Newsround YouTube Channel.

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