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Cats' Expressions

Cats are our best companions! But do you really understand their expressions? Let's find out!

lundi 4 d�c., Il y a 1 semaine
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What is your cat saying when it approaches another cat? We now know a bit more about what it may be feeling. A new study explains how cats communicate with each other. Researchers documented 53 domestic cats at the Cat Café in Los Angeles, then used facial action coding systems to identify individual expressions.


• Cat got your tongue?: a joke used when you are speechless.

• Whether: Used to introduce a choice between alternatives or possibilities.

• Getting along: Refers to how well cats coexist or cooperate with each other.

• Twisted: turned in different directions.

• Back off: A phrase used to tell someone to retreat, move away, or stop doing something.

• Whiskers: the long, sensitive hair growing near the mouth of some animals, such as cats.

• Forward: The direction ahead or in front of a particular point or position.

• Backward: The opposite direction of forward; behind or in reverse.

• To flatten: to make flat.

Source: CBC Youtube channel.

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