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Fighting Climate Change

Human activities causing global warming lead to climate change, presenting challenges like extreme weather and rising sea levels. Individuals can help by adopting eco-friendly habits.

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Climate change is a rapid alteration in the Earth's long-term weather patterns. Human activities, such as using fossil fuels and deforestation, emit greenhouse gases, trapping heat in the atmosphere and causing global warming. This results in various challenges like melting ice caps, warmer oceans, extreme weather, and rising sea levels. Collaborative efforts among countries aim to combat climate change, and individuals can contribute by adopting simple habits like reusing items, using alternative transportation, reducing electricity consumption, and consuming locally sourced food.


• Gasoline: A type of fuel used in cars.

• To remove: To take something away or move it.

• To make room: To create space for something.

• To release: To let something go or set it free.

• Greenhouse gases: Gases that trap heat in the air.

• To get warmer: To become hotter.

• Heat (noun): Very warm temperature.

• Blanket: A cover that keeps things warm.

• To melt: To turn from solid to liquid due to heat.

• Throwing something out: Disposing of something by putting it in the trash.

• Grown: in the context of fruits and vegetables, it refers to the process of cultivating.

• Close: Not far away, near in distance.

• Ice caps: Large masses of ice covering the Earth's poles.

Source: Environment and climate change Canada Youtube channel.

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