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Smog in New Delhi

New Delhi struggles with severe air pollution (smog), prompting the government to explore cloud seeding as an unconventional solution to improve air quality.

vendredi 17 nov., Il y a 1 mois
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New Delhi, India's capital city, faces a serious problem with thick smog that goes way beyond what the World Health Organization considers safe for air quality. Despite trying various tactics like closing schools, limiting vehicles, and banning firecrackers, none have really solved the problem. Now, the government is considering an unusual method called cloud seeding. This technique aims to create rain artificially to clear up the polluted air. During winter, things get even worse due to farmers burning crops and the air not moving much. Although the government is interested in cloud seeding, they still need official permission to proceed. The people living there are looking for a long-term solution to improve the city's air quality, which has become very difficult to breathe.


• Smog: a type of pollution that makes the air hard to breathe because of a mix of smoke and fog.

• Cloud seeding: a method where certain chemicals are put into clouds to make them produce rain.

• Chemicals: substances made up of different elements that are used in various ways.

• To waste: using or spending something without any useful result.

• Crops: plants that are grown and harvested for food.

• Trap: to capture something and prevent it from escaping.

• Dust: tiny pieces of dirt or other matter in the air.

Source: Behind the news Youtube channel.

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