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What Is Climate Anxiety?

Study of Canadian teens looks at impact of climate change on mental health.

lundi 11 sept., Il y a 3 mois
 5 min

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Gina Martin, an assistant professor, is researching the impact of climate change on young people's mental well-being. She emphasizes that the younger generation will face more climate-related risks. To understand their experiences and coping strategies, the research involves focus groups and a broader survey of Canadian youth. The developmental phase young people undergo, coupled with the climate crisis, can lead to instability and affect their outlook on the future.

Balancing taking action for the planet with individual well-being is crucial. Trusted sources providing meaningful information are vital, as they can protect mental health. The research aims to guide young people toward taking meaningful action without compromising their own well-being.


• Awareness
Knowledge or understanding of a specific topic.

• Coping
Dealing with difficulties or challenges.

• Overwhelming
Intense or overpowering.

• Meaningful
Having significance or purpose.

• Backdrop
The view behind something.

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