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The Voice Behind Your GPS

Ever wondered whose voice it is that you hear on your GPS?

lundi 20 mars, Il y a 9 mois
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Karen Jacobson, also known as "the GPS lady," is a native Australian voice-over artist living in the northeast of the United States. Her voice is featured in over a billion GPS and smartphone devices worldwide, providing directions and ensuring people's safety on the road.


• intersection: a place where two or more roads meet and cross each other.

• audition: a performance, usually a singing or acting performance, to show one's talent in front of judges or producers.

• voice-over: a recorded voice that is not seen on the screen, often used in films, commercials, or GPS systems.

• syllable: a unit of sound in a word, usually consisting of a vowel sound and one or more consonant sounds.

• booth: a small enclosed space used for a specific purpose, such as recording or voting.

• recalculating: adjusting a GPS route due to a change in the driver's direction or destination.

• camera: a device that captures images or videos.approaching: coming closer or nearer to something.

• safe: free from harm, danger, or risk.

Source: Great Big Story

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