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The Mexican Women on a Mission to Save Bees

Abeja Negra SOS is a group of mostly women who are working, hive-by-hive, to relocate bees away from Mexico’s crowded capital.

jeudi 15 juin, Il y a 6 mois
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Abeja Negra SOS is a group working to relocate beehives in the city that would otherwise be exterminated by authorities.

"It’s unfair that just because they are considered a dangerous pest, they get killed. That’s why we created Abeja Negra, for bees to have a place to be taken care of and get a second chance either with us or local beekeepers."

Searching for the queen is key. The sooner endangered bees grow, the higher their chance of surviving a relocation.

"If I take the queen I make their life easier because it takes them 16 days to name a new queen and another five or six days to reproduce. We don’t want to exploit them, we want them to grow. A small hive is useless, it’s weak and any disease can hit and kill it."

They have relocated around 510 hives, with an average size of 80,000 bees.

"I am very proud of my team. I think it fulfills us, that’s why we keep doing it."


• Authorities
People or organizations with power or control, often referring to government or law enforcement.

• Relocate
To move or transfer to a different place.

• Pest
An animal or insect that is considered harmful or annoying.

• Hive
A structure where bees live and store honey.

• Disease
An illness or condition that affects the body or mind.

• To Fulfil
To satisfy someone or to make someone feel happy.

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