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La Digue: A Biker's Paradise

This small island is doing everything it can to save itself and its wildlife from overtourism.

lundi 23 janv., Il y a 11 mois
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As one of the most stunning islands in Seychelles, La Digue and its landscape that is reminiscent of prehistoric times, attracts thousands of visitors every year.

On another note, bird watchers from all over the world visit the island to catch a glimpse of the Seychelles Black Paraside Flycatcher bird, an endangered species that is endemic to Seychelles.

However, another marvel that doesn't get as much publicity is its lack of cars, and how the locals have managed to restrict traffic in order to protect the pristine beauty of their tiny territory.

With a small population of 3000, the Digueois take immense pride in using the bicycle as their main form of transport. To locals, bicycling is just a way of life. Even tourists partake in the tradition by renting bikes to explore the island.

Source: BBC Travel

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