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Instagram: Video selfies trial to verify age of teens

Instagram is exploring new ways for teenagers to verify their age and comply with platform rules.

dimanche 3 juil., Il y a 19 mois
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The Meta-owned app is testing video selfies with facial analysis software as a new age-verification method.

Some users on Instagram try to skirt its 13+ age rule by editing their date of birth to make them appear over 18.

But US teens attempting this will now be given three ways to verify age: upload ID, ask three adult users to vouch for them or take a video selfie.

Meta says it hopes the new methods will ensure teens have an "age-appropriate experience" on Instagram. The tech giant has previously faced criticism over teen and child safety on its platforms.

Parents and guardians of teen Instagram users were given additional tools to supervise their child's experience on Instagram earlier this month. They can now set up time limits and view details of any reports their child makes on the platform.

Source: BBC news

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