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How AI makes buildings more sustainable

Is it possible to make buildings more sustainable?

vendredi 30 juin, Il y a 6 mois
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Making buildings more sustainable is complex but technology may be able to help with that. Factors such as insulation, mechanical equipment, temperature, humidity, and air quality affect a building's energy consumption.

Technology, specifically sensors and building management systems (BMS), can analyze and learn from these factors in real-time to optimize a building's energy performance. The sensor market is growing rapidly, and BMS enabled by sensors and connected equipment can use algorithms to operate buildings more efficiently without sacrificing comfort.

The rise of hybrid work further complicates energy usage in buildings, with varying occupancy levels. Smart building sensors and AI can automatically adjust temperature and lighting based on occupancy. Fluctuating energy prices and increased demand on hot or cold days add to the complexity, but AI can help predict energy needs and plan accordingly. The video emphasizes that autonomous control through technology can lead to greener and more cost-effective buildings.


• Sustainable: Capable of being maintained or continued over the long term.

• Insulation: Material or a layer that prevents or reduces the passage of heat, sound, or electricity.

• Mechanical equipment: Machinery or devices used in various processes or operations.

• Sensor: A device that detects or measures physical inputs and converts them into signals or data.

• Efficiency: The ability to accomplish something with the least waste of time, resources, or effort.

• Occupancy: The act of being present or taking up space in a building or room.

• Fluctuate: To change continually or irregularly; to vary.

• Greener: Environmentally friendly or having a reduced impact on the environment.

Source: PropModo

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