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Emperor Penguins Going Extinct

We need to save the emperor penguins!

mardi 29 ao�t, Il y a 3 mois
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Emperor penguins in Antarctica are facing a severe threat due to climate change. A study from the British Antarctic Survey predicts that over 90 percent of emperor penguin colonies could be extinct by the end of the century. The loss of sea ice, which these penguins rely on for breeding, has led to disastrous consequences. In 2022, areas with total sea ice loss experienced almost complete breeding failure. The melting ice forces penguin chicks to enter the water prematurely, resulting in their death. This alarming trend has already caused significant losses, with several colonies failing to breed successfully. These penguins, adapted to harsh conditions in remote regions, are now suffering due to human-induced climate change. The study serves as a sign of the challenges these species will continue to face. The distressing reality is that many of these penguins will never encounter humans, yet their future is bleak due to environmental changes.


• Breeding
The process of animals reproducing.

• Failure
Lack of success or accomplishment.

• Vanishing

• To Melt
To turn from something solid into something soft or liquid.

• Bleak
Little or no hope for the future.

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