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Brazil Records Drop in Amazon Deforestation

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon fell by more than 66 percent last month from July 2022.

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After facing several calamitous years, the world's largest rainforests are showing signs of improvement. Brazilian officials reported a significant decrease of more than 60 percent in Amazon deforestation for July, indicating the positive impact of Lula Da Silva's environmental policies. Since assuming office in January, Da Silva has taken measures to reverse the dismantling of environmental agencies, imposing stricter penalties for land grabbers, conducting paramilitary operations against illegal miners and loggers, and designating more protected areas in the Amazon. Although Brazil is still far from reaching Da Silva's zero deforestation target, the crackdown is yielding positive results. These recent figures will strengthen Brazil's leadership at the upcoming Amazon Regional Summit, where Da Silva will seek commitments from other rainforest nations to prevent the Amazon from reaching a potentially disastrous tipping point.


• Calamitous
Causing great damage or distress; disastrous.

• Virtuous Circle
A chain of events in which a good action creates further good actions.

• Dismantling
Taking apart or demolishing a system or organization.

• Bear Fruit
Produces successful results.

• Cattle
A group of animals that includes cows.

• Harsher
Unpleasant, unkind, cruel, or more severe than is necessary.

• Logger
A person who cuts down trees for wood.

• Crackdown
A situation in which someone starts to deal with bad or illegal behaviour in a more severe way.

• Tipping Point
The time at which a change or an effect cannot be stopped.

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