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Why You Still Have Time To Change Career

The video explores the anxiety of career change, emphasizing the emotional struggle, the 'job investment trap,' and the suggestion of using timelines for a clearer life perspective.

lundi 6 nov., Il y a 1 mois
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The video highlights the anxiety and difficulty associated with contemplating a career change. It emphasizes the emotional struggle, particularly when younger, in reconsidering one's chosen path due to the perceived investment in time, education, and the fear of starting anew. The concept of the ''job investment trap'' elucidates how individuals, especially the youth, often neglect retraining due to the exaggerated weight given to the present as opposed to the longer future. To counter this, the video suggests creating timelines to gain a more accurate perspective on the different phases of life and make decisions considering the entirety of one's future.


• Thought (noun): an idea or something that someone thinks about.

• Drop (noun): a fall or decrease in something.

• Tellingly: in a way that shows or indicates something important.

• Potent: strong or powerful.

• They: in the context of the video, the pronoun ''they'' is used to refer to a singular female or a singular male individual at the same time.

• Chemical engineering: the science and processes involved in making chemicals.

• Subjects: specific topics or areas of study.

• Courses: classes or units of study.

• Relevant work experience: practical time spent doing a job connected to a particular topic.

• Unforeseen: not expected or predicted.

• Daze: unable to think clearly.

• Commitment: dedication or promise to do something.

• Grasp: to understand or comprehend something.

• Yet: however or nevertheless.

• Climax: the highest point of something.

• Length: the measurement of how long something is.

• Backdrop: The background against which something occurs, the general situation in which particular events happen.

• Undertaken: to start or begin a task.

• Mistakenly: doing something wrongly or in error.

• Retraining: learning new skills or gaining further education to work in a different job or field.

• Loom (verb): to appear or come into view in a way that seems intimidating or threatening.

Source: The school of life YouTube channel.

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