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What is Critical Thinking?

You've probably heard it or used it often throughout the years in school, at work, or in everyday conversation. But what exactly is critical thinking and how do you do it?

mercredi 18 oct., Il y a 2 mois
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Critical thinking is the intentional process of analyzing information to make better judgments and decisions. It involves using logic, reasoning, and creativity to draw conclusions. This skill is applicable in various situations, such as job interviews, time management, and decision-making.
Critical thinking is not a constant state; it is consciously used when facing complex problems or important decisions. To enhance critical thinking, one should ask questions before making conclusions, like "What do I know, and how do I know it?"
The video illustrates the use of critical thinking in evaluating online information. When a friend shares a news article, critically thinking individuals analyze its source, potential bias in the headline, and their friend's beliefs to determine the article's trustworthiness.
Critical thinking has diverse real-world applications, aiding in better decision-making, employability, and overall comprehension of the world.

• Deliberately (adv.): Intentionally, on purpose.
• Consciously (adv.): Aware and making decisions.
• Skill (n.): An ability that is learned and developed.
• Bias (n.): Unfair preference for or against something.
• Trustworthiness (n.): The quality of being reliable and truthful.
• Exhausting (adj.): Tiring and requiring a lot of energy.
• Applications (n.): Different ways something can be used.

Source : GCFLearnFree

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