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What is Propaganda?

Propaganda tries to manipulate our emotions to shape opinions and behaviors. Learn how to recognize it so you can stop the power of propaganda.

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Propaganda is a type of communication that is not fair because it tries to make people think or act in a certain way. Weaponized propaganda wants to control what people think and do. It can be confusing with wrong information, name-calling, and words that try to be friendly. Propaganda uses tricks, special ways of speaking, and nice-sounding but unclear words to make things simple, control feelings, and stop people from thinking carefully. To fight against propaganda, you should stop for a moment, understand that things are not simple, and check trusted sources before you believe or share information.

• Communication: The act of sharing information or ideas with others.
• Influence: The ability to have an effect on someone's opinions, behavior, or decisions.
• Overwhelms: To make someone feel completely lost or unable to deal with a situation.
• Rhetorical: Related to the use of language in a persuasive or impressive way.
• Slogans: Short and catchy phrases used to promote or express an idea.
• Manipulate: To control or influence something or someone in a clever or unfair way.
• Consult: To seek advice, information, or opinions from someone or a source.
• Fight against: To battle for a cause.

Source: MWEG

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