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What is teamwork?

What is teamwork?

lundi 18 sept., Il y a 3 mois
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Teamwork means working together with others to reach a common goal. When people cooperate, share ideas, and help each other, it's called teamwork. Each person has a special job in a team. Team members talk to each other and decide things together. They also give advice to make things better.

Teamwork is useful in school, sports, and work. Students work in teams for projects. Athletes play together to win games. At work, employees join forces to finish tasks and projects. Teamwork helps people learn and build friendships. It's enjoyable and important. It's a skill you can practice and use in many parts of life.


• Achieve

• Strength

• Resolve

• Carry

• Will

• Share

• Triumph

• Failure

• Stick

• Skill

• Transcend

• Soar

Source: ZD

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