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Why do new purchases make us sad?

Have you ever purchased something that you thought would change your lifestyle only to find yourself dissapointed by it later on? Develop your vocabulary and test your comprehension as we investigate why and how this phenomenon occurs.

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In 1769, in Paris, a French philosopher Denis Diderot described how a new, luxurious red dressing gown made him miserable rather than happy. The cause of that unhappiness is still being examined by psychologists and marketing professionals some 250 years later.


He was most famous for his role compiling one of the first modern Encyclopedia

The cause of that unhappiness is still being examined by psychologist and marketing professionals.

The bright colours clashed, making the room seem ugly.

Now all is discord. The overall effect it lost. There is no longer any unity or beauty.

He wanted to upgrade his things. Soon there was a new tapestry, new paintings, new prints.


Overpriced and under-functioning
A hipster buy a graphic tee and beard oil to go with his overpriced and under-functioning bicycle.

Symbolic fantasy
Often we're buying something because of the symbolic fantasy attached to it.

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