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How to sleep well : duration vs consistency

According to some research, consistent sleep schedules may matter more than duration. Sleep expert Dr. Carol Ash talks about the importance of being consistent.

mardi 21 nov., Il y a 3 semaines
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New research challenges the traditional notion of a good night's sleep, emphasizing the importance of a consistent sleep schedule over the duration of sleep. The study, published in the journal "Sleep," reveals that maintaining a regular bedtime and waking time is more crucial than the actual number of hours slept. The research suggests that individuals who get six hours of sleep with a consistent schedule have a lower risk of early death compared to those who get eight hours with an irregular schedule. Dr. Carol Ash, a sleep expert, explains that a consistent schedule helps regulate the body's internal clock, preventing disruptions that can lead to health issues. The advice includes setting a consistent sleep schedule based on personal preferences, avoiding screens before bedtime, and exposing oneself to light in the morning.

• Shut eye: Short period of sleep.
• Inflammation: The body's response to injury or infection, leading to redness, swelling, and pain.
• Internal clock: The body's natural timekeeping system.
• Misaligned: Not aligned or coordinated.
• Disrupted: Disturbed or interrupted.
• Longevity: Long life or existence.
• Consistent: Regular; unchanging.

Source : TODAY

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