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What is mental health?

During and beyond Mental Health Awareness Month, it's important to talk about mental health to end stigma.

mercredi 29 nov., Il y a 2 semaines
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The video shows the significance of mental health, equating it to physical health. Mental well-being influences one's inner feelings and overall life satisfaction. The speaker urges against judgment based on appearances, highlighting neurodiversity and varied ways of expressing emotions. Occasional mental health challenges, such as worry or sadness, are deemed normal. Unlike visible physical ailments, mental health conditions are often invisible, making it crucial to discuss and raise awareness. The speaker encourages open conversations, not only with pets but also with people, emphasizing self-awareness and support for others.

• Mental health: Describes emotional well-being.
• Neurodiverse: Varied ways of thinking.
• Expressing: Communicating or showing.
• Invisible: Not visible to the eye.
• Struggling: Facing difficulties.

Source : Transition Abilities

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