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How Xmas trees stopped being just a German thing

Have you ever wondered how dressing up pine trees became a Christmas tradition? Watch on to find out!

lundi 4 d�c., Il y a 1 semaine
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The video explains the origin and evolution of the tradition of having Christmas trees in households. It details how the practice began with pagan Roman celebrations, evolved as a Germanic custom in the 1500s and 1600s, and gained popularity through the influence of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in England in the mid-1800s. German immigration to the United States further spread this tradition. The narrative also touches upon the resistance to Christmas trees, notably by Teddy Roosevelt, yet the tradition persisted and became widespread in both the US and England.


• Reinforced: Strengthened or supported.

• Booming: Thriving, rapidly growing or expanding.

• Flawless: Perfect, without any imperfections or faults.

• Pagan: Relating to a religious belief that worships multiple gods, often nature-based.

• Circulations: The number of copies of newspapers or magazines distributed.

Source: Vox

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