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Seven Common Dream Meanings

Or dreams and their significance have long fascinated psychologists.

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Dreams may be more than just fictional scenarios that we experience while we sleep. They have been studied for many years to promote better self-awareness and to help us understand what's bothering us in our everyday lives. This article explores 7 common dream meanings, including feeling lost or trapped, missing public transportation, experiencing car trouble, being tested, feeling chased, having teeth fall out, and falling. The dreams can reflect the mental, physical, financial, or emotional burdens that people are experiencing in real life.

• Promote - encourage or support

• Self-awareness - knowledge of one's own personality, emotions, and behaviors

• Bothering - causing concern or worry

• Elaborate - detailed and complicated

• Trapped - confined or unable to escape

• Overwhelmed - feeling excessively burdened or stressed

• Apply - submit an application or request for something

• Brake - a device for slowing or stopping a vehicle

• Confront - face up to or deal with a difficult situation or problem

• Insecure - not confident or sure

• Pertains - relates or concerns

• Embarrassed - feeling ashamed or self-conscious

• Misconception - a mistaken belief or idea

• Foreshadow - indicate or suggest beforehand

• Carve - create or shape by cutting or carving

• Glance - take a brief or hurried look

Source: Psych2Go

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