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The Right Way to do Work-Life Balance

Is there an easier way to do work-life balance?

lundi 20 f�vr., Il y a 10 mois
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Work-life balance is often viewed as opposing forces, but it can be better to build a life where work and personal life become more seamless and interchangeable. It's important to prioritize things that are important to your mind, body, and spirit and schedule them in, even during the workday. It's about finding a way to enjoy both work and personal life, without feeling like they are in conflict.


• work-life balance: the concept of dividing time and energy between work and personal life in a way that allows for both to be prioritized and managed effectively

• opposing forces: two forces or factors that are in conflict or competition with each other

• telecommuting: working from a remote location, typically using technology to connect with a central office or team

• interchangeable: able to be exchanged or replaced with something else without affecting the overall result or outcome

• hankering: a strong desire or longing for something

• imperfect: not perfect or complete; having flaws or limitations

• duvet day: a day off from work, taken for the purpose of rest and relaxation

• seamless: smooth and uninterrupted; without any sudden changes or disruptions.

Source: Simon Sinek

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