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Why Is New York City Sinking?

New York City in the US is known as the city that never sleeps, but now it could be known as the city that's sinking!

mardi 30 mai, Il y a 7 mois
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A new study reveals that the weight of buildings and population in New York City, combined with rising sea levels, is causing the city to sink. With one million buildings and eight million people, the city is experiencing a sinking rate of two millimeters per year. While this may not seem significant, experts warn that certain areas, located just one to two meters above sea level, could be flooded in the next few decades. This sinking phenomenon has been observed in other cities like Venice and Jakarta, where the ground is subsiding at a much faster rate. Researchers hope to draw attention to the issue so that measures can be taken to slow down the sinking process.


• Gym
A place where people go to exercise and work out.

• Sinking
Going down or descending.

• Sea levels
The average height of the ocean's surface.

• Soil
The upper layer of the Earth's surface, composed of minerals, organic matter, and moisture.

• Consolidated
Made stronger or more solid.

• Flood
To cause to fill or become covered with water, especially in a way that causes problems.

• Data
Information or facts collected for analysis.

• Let That Sink In
Think about that for a while.

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