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Prince and Princess of Wales about to break Royal tradition

The Prince and Princess of Wales could soon break more than a thousand years of tradition if they decide to send Prince George to a co-ed high school.

lundi 6 nov., Il y a 1 mois
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The Prince and Princess of Wales are considering breaking a tradition of over a thousand years by potentially sending their son, Prince George, to a co-ed high school. There has been speculation about this after Princess Kate visited her old school, Marlborough College. Many had expected Prince George to follow in his father's footsteps and attend Eton College, but this potential decision would be a departure from royal tradition. William and Kate have previously shown a desire for their children to have a more well-rounded and modern upbringing, and this choice aligns with that approach. Enrollments at the school might increase due to the attention it would receive. It's a significant decision for a future king, and the couple's choice would reflect their preference for a different and contemporary approach to royal life.

• Co-ed: A school that admits both boys and girls.
• Speculation: Conjecture or guesswork without sufficient evidence.
• Alma Mater: The school or university from which one graduated.
• Round(ed) upbringing: Providing a well-balanced and comprehensive upbringing.
• Enrollments: The act of registering or enrolling in a school.

Source: Sunrise

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