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The history behind daylight saving

How did Daylight Saving get started?

vendredi 3 nov., Il y a 1 mois
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The concept of daylight saving time has a historical origin dating back to World War One when it was introduced as a strategy to conserve coal and support the wartime effort. By advancing the clock and making it darker earlier in the evening, coal consumption could be reduced, allowing more of this valuable resource to be redirected to battlefields. However, as time has passed, daylight saving time has become a subject of debate and scrutiny. One of the issues raised is the potential health impact of this practice. In response to these concerns, a growing number of states, have introduced legislation to modify or abolish daylight saving time. However, until a consensus is reached and legislative changes are made, the practice of adjusting our clocks twice a year continues.

• conserve: (verb) to keep something in a good condition; to save or protect something.
• wartime: (noun) the period during which a war is happening.
• legislation: (noun) laws, rules, or regulations made by a government.
• abolish: (verb) to officially end or remove something, such as a law or a system.

Source: KSDK News

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