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Temu: what you may not know.

The video examines Temu, a shopping app offering huge discounts on items made by Chinese manufacturers, raising privacy concerns due to data collection and violating Apple's tracking policies, potentially compromising users' personal information.

jeudi 9 nov., Il y a 1 mois
 7 min

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The video discusses the Temu shopping app, highlighting its offers of heavily discounted products directly from Chinese manufacturers. Despite the low prices, concerns arise regarding user privacy due to data collection practices. Patrick Jackson, an Internet Security Company representative, raises concerns about Temu's data collection methods, particularly the collection of IP addresses. Moreover, Apple identified a violation of their app tracking policies, prompting changes in Temu's privacy disclosures. The affordability of the products on Temu comes with a cost—potential compromise of user privacy. Consumers, attracted by the low prices, might not realize the trade-off in terms of their personal information.


• Countdown clock: a timer that counts down the time remaining for an event.

• Shipping: the process of sending and transporting items from one place to another.

• Bucks: a slang term for dollars.

• Embroidery: the art of decorating fabric using, stitching and thread to create decorative patterns.

• Gowns: long dresses worn for special occasions like weddings or formal events.

• Privacy: the state of being free from unauthorized intrusion or interference, especially regarding personal information or data.

• Device: a piece of equipment such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

• Phone carrier: a company that provides mobile phone services and Internet access.

• Enable: to make something possible.

• Browsing history: list of websites that a person has visited on the internet.

• Enhancing: improving.

• To disclose: to reveal or make information known or public.

• To state (verb): expressing something clearly or explicitly.

• To comply (verb): to obey.

• Rock bottom deals: offers with extremely low prices.

• Price tag: the cost attached to an item.

• To be hardwired: to be instinctively inclined to do something.

• To look for: to search, to seek.

• Bargain: item bought for less than its usual price, or deal offering good value for money.

Source: Today YouTube Channel.

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