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What Are Drop Bears?

For years, Australians have been scaring tourists with tales of drop bears, but what are they?

mercredi 31 mai, Il y a 7 mois
 5 min

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The video discusses the Australian folklore surrounding "drop bears," which are said to be carnivorous creatures that hide in trees and drop down on unsuspecting victims. While initially considered fictional, recent discoveries suggest that a similar animal may have actually existed. Scientists have been studying fossil remains of a mammal called nimbadon, which lived in the rainforests of Northwest Queensland around 15 million years ago. These nimbadons were believed to have hung out in trees and possibly dropped from them. While they no longer exist, studying them helps understand the unique Australian wildlife.


• Tales
Stories or narratives.

• Inhabit
To live in or occupy a place.

• Upside down
Inverted or turned so that the top becomes the bottom.

• Wildlife
Animals and plants living in their natural environment.

• Settler
A person who arrives, especially from another country, in a new place in order to live there and use the land.

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