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Who are the Kung Fu nuns?

These women are the world's only Kung Fu nuns.

lundi 13 nov., Il y a 1 mois
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This video discusses a unique group of nuns from the Drukpa Order in Nepal who practice Kung Fu as part of their spiritual journey. The nuns engage in rigorous training, strengthening their bodies and coordination skills. Their training aims to promote the philosophies of peace and equality. They also extend their teachings to disadvantaged communities and engage in social causes, such as assisting during natural disasters and protesting against human trafficking.


• Nunnery - (Noun) A place where nuns live and practice their religious life.

• Training - (Noun) The process of teaching or learning a particular skill or behavior.

• Art form - (Noun) A specific skill or practice in the arts.

• Disadvantaged - (Adjective) Lacking the necessary advantages or opportunities.

• Trafficking - (Noun) The illegal trade of goods or people.

Source: Great Big Story

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