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How is Halloween celebrated around the world?

Let's go around the world to discover how halloween is celebrated.

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Halloween is celebrated worldwide, with diverse customs rooted in ancient traditions. In England, people dress up and go trick-or-treating, a tradition inspired by the Celts. Scotland and Ireland celebrate Samhain, dressing in frightening costumes and lighting turnip fires to ward off evil spirits. In America, children go door-to-door for trick-or-treating and attend Halloween parties. Mexico celebrates the Day of the Dead, honoring the deceased through lanterns, paper decorations, and parades with skull-themed masks. China observes the Hungry Ghost Festival, offering food to ancestors' spirits. Japan celebrates Obon with haunted houses, parades, and lantern-lit boats. These boats symbolize spirits departing. Different countries have distinct ways of celebrating Halloween and spirits in the world.

• Celebrate: To observe or mark a special event.
• Costume: Clothing worn to disguise or represent a character.
• Tradition: A custom or practice passed down through generations.
• Spirit: A non-physical being or soul.
• Trick or treat: The custom of going to houses for candy on Halloween.
• Festival: A special event or occasion for celebration.
• Ancestor: A person from whom one is descended.
• Parade: A public procession or march.
• Bonfire: A large outdoor fire.
• Haunted: Associated with ghosts or supernatural entities.

Source: Twinkl Educational Publishing

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