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How well do you know your British terms?

Know your mucker from your muppet? An exploration of Britishisms – that variant of English that is peculiarly British – by poet and writer, Ian McMillan.

mercredi 15 nov., Il y a 1 mois
 6 min

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The term "Britishism" refers to words or phrases primarily used in the United Kingdom, gaining global popularity. Examples include expressions for someone perceived as less intelligent, phrases like "I fancy you," or terms for being startled. Though coined in the 19th century, the term gained prominence recently, possibly due to the international spread of English. Each country has its own "isms," influenced by regional languages. In the UK, local words with limited geographical reach exist, reflecting the eccentric, self-effacing, and humorously introspective British psyche. The essence of Britishisms lies in their gentle self-mockery, typified by activities like train spotting. The video portrays Britishism as a linguistic and cultural phenomenon, shaped by the interplay of Englishes worldwide.

• Denoting: indicating or specifying.
• Footnotes: notes at the bottom of a page providing additional information.
• Unfathomable: difficult or impossible to understand.
• Isogloss: a line on a map marking the boundary between linguistic features.

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