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Stop confusing them: Sweden vs. Switzerland

People all over the world keep mixing up Sweden and Switzerland. Here are some differences to keep in mind to stop confusing one for another.

mardi 7 nov., Il y a 1 mois
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In a humorous message from Sweden to Switzerland, the two countries aim to clarify their distinct identities by assigning specific topics for discussion. Switzerland is designated to talk about banks, mountain tops, loud noises like yodelling, LSD (as it was invented there), particle accelerators, leather couture, and luxury items like expensive watches. Meanwhile, Sweden will focus on sandbanks, rooftops, silence, the Northern Lights, winding down, contemporary fashion, and a different kind of luxury—forgetting about time. The message emphasizes the need to end any confusion promptly.

• Mutual: Shared between two or more parties.
• Proposition: A suggestion or proposal.
• Yodelling: Singing with quick changes between low and high pitches.
• Surreal: Bizarre or dreamlike in an unrealistic way.
• Winding down: To relax after stress or excitement.

Source: Visit Sweden

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