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Weird Things Couples Fight About

Couples often fight over trivial things, and sometimes the arguments can seem downright strange.

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From disagreements over who left the toilet seat up, to arguments about the proper way to load the dishwasher, there are a myriad of weird things that couples can fight about. Even seemingly innocuous topics like which way the toilet paper should hang or who gets to control the TV remote can turn into heated arguments. Ultimately, what may seem trivial to one person may hold great importance to another, leading to conflict in even the happiest of relationships.


• Towel: a piece of absorbent fabric or paper used for drying or wiping

• Closet: a small room or cupboard used for storing clothes or other items

• Roll: to wrap something into a cylindrical shape

• Crunch: a sound of something being crushed or chewed loudly

• Leftovers: remaining food from a previous meal

• Utensils: tools or implements used for cooking or eating

• Impale: to pierce or penetrate with a sharp object

• Game over: a phrase used to indicate that the game or competition is finished

• Toothpaste: a paste used for cleaning teeth

• Squeeze: to press or compress something with force

• Pepperoni: a type of spicy sausage commonly used as a pizza topping

• Murder: to kill someone unlawfully and with premeditation

• Bury: to inter (a corpse) in the ground

Source: Buzzfeed

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