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Will the global power balance shift in 20 years' time?

How will the landscape of geopolitics change in 20 years' time? Will the world stay the same or will things change drastically?

lundi 27 nov., Il y a 2 semaines
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In 2039, significant global changes are anticipated. Africa may rise due to a burgeoning population and widespread adoption of affordable solar panels. China, a superpower, may wield substantial influence globally.

Europe might decline due to AI dominance in financial sectors. Similarly, the USA may decline, impacted by late adoption of renewable energy sources. The Middle East faces obscurity as the demand for oil diminishes. Water scarcity might lead to conflicts.

Data becomes pivotal for governance; transparency emerges as a solution. Citizens may resist excessive data usage, minimizing their digital presence due to social media's adverse effects.


• Transparency: Openness and clarity in actions or information.

• Precious: Valuable or highly regarded.

• Eclipsed: Surpassed or overshadowed.

• Fossil fuels: Natural fuels formed from ancient remains.

• Refuseniks: Individuals who refuse or resist following official orders or systems.

Source: BBC Ideas

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