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Feminity: A social construct?

Is feminine beauty a social construct?

lundi 20 nov., Il y a 3 semaines
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Simone de Beauvoir, a French existentialist writer, challenges the notion that women are naturally born as women. Instead, she argues that femininity is a social construct formed by male perspectives and expectations. De Beauvoir contends that women have historically been encouraged to conform to male-defined beauty standards, emphasizing passivity and objectification. Despite societal pressures, she asserts that women possess the freedom to reject these stereotypes and strive for equality.


• Stereotypes: Widely held but oversimplified ideas or beliefs about a particular group.

• Femininity: Qualities or attributes associated with being female.

• Artifice: Use of artificial means to achieve a particular appearance or effect.

• Constrain: To restrict or limit someone or something.

Source: BBC

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