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How is the internet changing friendships?

Have you ever considered how the internet is changing friendships?

lundi 13 nov., Il y a 1 mois
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The video discusses the impact of social media on friendships and how it influences the depth of these relationships. It presents the idea that while social media can help maintain friendships, it may also make them more shallow. The video introduces the concepts of active, dormant, and commemorative friendships. It explores the idea that technology can extend the lifespan of friendships but may not necessarily make them deeper. It suggests that maintaining contact is essential to keep a friendship alive. The video concludes by emphasizing that friendships are uniquely flexible, and the Internet provides a platform for reconnecting with friends when ready.


• Anthropologist - (Noun) A person who studies human societies, cultures, and behavior.

• Multiplexity - (Noun) The state of having multiple, interrelated elements or components.

• Dormancy - (Noun) A state of inactivity or minimal activity.

• Maintenance - (Noun) The process of keeping something in good condition.

• Expectation - (Noun) A strong belief that something will happen in the future.

• Conclude - (Verb) To bring to an end.

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