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Thumbs up! Why do we do it?

Thumbs up can mean different things in different cultures... find out about the story behind the hand gesture that's everywhere.

jeudi 25 mai, Il y a 7 mois
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The thumbs-up gesture has varied meanings throughout history. In ancient Rome, it signaled death for gladiators, while the misconception of thumbs down meaning death arose from a painting. English archers in the Middle Ages used it to indicate readiness for battle, and medieval merchants sealed deals with a thumbs-up. Allied fighter pilots adopted it for take-off, and American GIs spread the gesture in Europe. However, it's considered an insult in Greece, Sardinia, and the Middle East. Today, thumbs up is a common sign of approval, both in person and online.


• To Spare
To prevent someone from having to experience something unpleasant.

• To Flick
To make a short, sudden movement that causes something to move.

• To Stem From
To start or develop as the result of something.

• Take-Off
The moment when an aircraft leaves the ground and begins to fly.

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