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The Mathmatical Art of MC Escher

MC Escher's paintings, lithographs, and sketches reflect abstractions with a sense of accuracy that has impressed astronomers, but how?

jeudi 3 nov., Il y a 14 mois
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• Experimenting (verb)
Perform a scientific procedure, especially in a laboratory, to determine something.
'In Monet's blue period, he was experimenting with using a different palate.'

• Overlap (verb)
To have an area, range, character, or function in common.
'The two maps overlapped at the east and west edges'

• Gaps (noun)
A break or hole in an object or between two objects.
'He peeped through the gap in the curtains'

•Stark (adjective)
Severe; violent; fierce.
'There was a stark difference in their two styles.'

• Tessellations (noun)
A repeating pattern built around symmetry
'The tessellations reflected the abstract ideology of the mosque's architect'

• Mathematically
According to or using mathematics.
'It is mathematically impossible to divide by zero.'

• Astonishingly (verb)
In an astonishing manner; so as to surprise or astonish.
'Astonishingly, he forgot his homework for the third time in a row'

• Accurate (adjective)
In exact or careful conformity to truth, or to some standard of requirement.
tHer accurate portrayal of Anne Boleyn won her an Oscar.

• Möbius strip (noun)
A surface with one continuous side formed by joining the ends of a rectangle after twisting one end through 180°.
'Some scientists believe that space and time may be structured like a Möbius strip.

• Assumptions (noun)
A thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof.
'They made certain assumptions about the market'

• Investigate (verb)
To examine, look into, or scrutinize in order to discover something hidden or secret.
'Escher's art investigates the area where perception and reality blur'

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