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The Making Of Fender Guitars

Since its founding in 1946, Fender has become synonymous with some of the most famous electric guitarists of all time. Virtually visit the Fender facility in California for a behind the scenes look at their creative process.

lundi 26 sept., Il y a 16 mois
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In the 1940s, a radio repairman named Leo Fender, took a piece of Ash wood, bolted it to a piece of Maple and attached an electronic transducer. Even if you're no guitar aficianado, you know the rest.

Leo went on to create iconic Fender guitars that set a benchmark for electric guitars, changing the face of music as we know it.

You've heard them in the riffs of legends like Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Kurt Cobain and countless others. Officially known as the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, it is the largest maker of guitars in the world.

For many, the signature 1954 Fender Stratocaster's cutting tone and sultry curves mean rock 'n' roll. We catch a glimpse of the company's craftsmanship in this video.

Source: Insider

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