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The James Webb Telescope

A short introduction to the telescope James Webb.

jeudi 26 janv., Il y a 11 mois
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James Webb is a space telescope that is set to be launched by NASA in 2021. It is named after James E. Webb, who served as the second administrator of NASA from 1961 to 1968. The James Webb Space Telescope is considered to be the successor to the famous Hubble Space Telescope and is expected to provide much more detailed images and information about the universe. It will also be able to study some of the first galaxies that formed after the Big Bang and will help scientists understand the formation of stars and planets.

Overall, James Webb is an extremely advanced and powerful telescope that will greatly enhance our understanding of the cosmos.


• Striking
Very unusual or easily noticed, and therefore attracting a lot of attention.

• Cluster
A group of similar things that are close together.

• Ridge
A long, narrow, raised part of a surface.

Source: ABC News

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