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What is the world's loudest sound?

Do you know what created the loudest sound on Earth?

mardi 7 nov., Il y a 1 mois
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The video discusses the concept of decibels and highlights the increasing power of sounds on a logarithmic scale. It mentions various noise levels, from breathing to a volcanic eruption. When a sound reaches 150 decibels, it can rupture eardrums. The text then focuses on the 1883 volcanic eruption on Krakatoa, Indonesia, which produced the loudest sound in human history at around 310 decibels. This sound was heard in over 50 locations and traveled worldwide, causing tsunamis, temperature drops, and tinted sunsets. The text emphasizes that nothing in recorded history has matched this event's intensity.

• Breathing: The act of taking in and expelling air from the lungs.
• Vacuum cleaner: A machine for cleaning floors and surfaces.
• Blender: A kitchen appliance for mixing and pureeing ingredients.
• Rock band: A group of musicians playing rock music.
• Eardrums: Thin membranes in the ear that vibrate to transmit sound.
• Volcanic eruption: The sudden release of material from a volcano.

Source: Great Big Story

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