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SpaceX Launches Euclid European Space Telescope

A European space telescope blasted off Saturday on a quest to explore the mysterious and invisible realm known as the dark universe.

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SpaceX successfully launched the Euclid observatory, a space telescope designed by the European Space Agency (ESA), from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Euclid, named after the ancient Greek mathematician, is set to explore the enigmatic "dark universe." It will travel a distance of 1 million miles and reach its destination in about a month. Once there, it will commence a six-year survey starting in the fall. Euclid's mission is to study billions of galaxies, covering more than one-third of the sky, by precisely determining their positions and shapes. Scientists hope that by gathering this information about galaxies billions of light-years away, they will gain insights into the composition of the universe, particularly the mysterious aspects that are still not fully understood.


• Blasted off
To leave the ground quickly and forcefully, as in a rocket launching into space.

• Survey
A detailed study or inspection.

• Pinpointing
Identifying or locating something with precision.

• Glean
To gather or collect information gradually or bit by bit.

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